Top Quality Gloves

Gloves are made to the highest quailty
using a superior latex material.

Low Prices

Our Glove prices are very low to allow
the maximum profit to be made.

All Sizes Available

We provide all sizes needed by your Club
from small kids right up to XL Adult.

Endless Design Options

Gloves can be made with your Club
Crest or using any of our designs.


Gaa Gloves are an essential piece of kit for every GAA player in your Club. At present
the players have to go to their local sports shop or shop online for these gloves.
Because of this, someone else is reaping the benefits of this profit, money that could
be going towards the financing of your Club.

By using Eezee Grip GAA Gloves, you have the opportunity to raise the funds
that are necessary to run your Club, and help make it the success
everyone wants it to be!!

Club Buys Gloves

The Club puts in an order with Eezee Fundraising for their required amount of gloves.

Club Sells Gloves

All the players in your Club come to your shop and buy the gloves that you have available.

Club Keeps Profits

Profit made from selling the Eezee Grip Gloves is kept by the Club and used to fund the Club.